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Robert A.  |  Monte Vista, CA

"Honest guys who take good care of your car, and don't mind answering dumb questions or at least are good at hiding it lol! I bring my BMW here for all my services since it went out of warranty and have had no complaints."

James F.  |  Los Altos, CA

"Excellent auto repair and service shop. Jeff Reitmeir and his team have done a great job with general service, diagnosing and repairing our Boxsters and BMWs over many years. Attentive, skilled, and knowledgeable. As an independent shop, Reitmeir's is much easier to communicate and work with than large, bureaucratic dealerships." 

Pratima P.  |  San Francisco, CA

"This is the best local auto repair shop.  The folks at Reitmeir's are awesome.  I brought in my car for a flat tire this morning, the guys were super efficient in diagnosing and fixing it in 20 mins.  They did it for free as it was a small job.  This went a long way for me as I could get on with my day in no time.  Great attitude and customer service!!"

Walter A.  |  Los Altos, CA

"Outstanding service. My vehicle was repaired and serviced in a timely manner at market appropriate pricing. I am interested in customer service.  I could not ask for any better than I received from the team at Reitmeir's Werkstatt."

Patty M.  |  Redwood City, CA

"I've been a Reitmeir's customer since 2005 after the purchase of an older Mercedes. Not only do they provide exceptional service and repair work, the guys are friendly, responsive and trustworthy. I moved out of Los Altos 8 years ago and despite having a longer commute to Reitmeir's shop, I wouldn't consider taking my car anywhere else. This family business has earned their great reputation for a reason. They get the job done honestly and fairly."

Jim N.  |  Los Altos, CA

"I was really happy with the folks at Reitmeir's. Promptly responded to my request for quote. Replaced brake pads and rotors within the quoted price. Polite and professional throughout. I need some more work done and asked Kane to price it for me, he called me back the same day and said the work should be covered by BMW under an extended federal emissions warranty.."  Read More

E Y.  |  Palo Alto, CA

"Great service - I dropped in with a quick question and the tech not only gave great advice, but fixed the problem!"

Alex G.  |  San Jose, CA

"Incredible turn around. Brought my car in for some front end work around the control arm bushings, shocks, and struts. I was going to do it myself but the work was more involved than I wanted to do myself. They noticed the CV Boots were compromised (and pretty badly), and a ball joint was badly worn too. They got the car back to me the next day..." Read More

Anthony G.  |  Milpitas, CA

"It was really hard for me to find an auto repair shop in Los Altos area that I could trust. These guys are truly the best in town! I have had my yearly inspections done on my BMW here the last two years, and both times I was taken care of very quickly. Kane is a very smart and honest guy! Today I brought my car in because my check engine light was on and my car was overheating..." Read More

Kathy A.  |  Los Altos, CA

"The staff at Reitmeir's are knowledgeable and helpful, and the service they provide is outstanding. They are extremely honest, and I have the highest confidence in the quality of their work. I strongly recommend taking your German car for service or repair. You won't be disappointed."

Holly K.  |  Sacramento, CA

"As I was pulling into a restaurant across the street from Reitmeir's I popped my tire on the curb. I called AAA only to find out that my VW had a lock on one of the nuts for the tire and we couldn't find the key anywhere in the car. I wandered over to Reitmeir's to see if they could help me. Jeff walked with me to my car to take a look. Unfortunately they didn't have the right key, but they offered to help me find a solution. They allowed me to sit in their lobby while I talked on the phone with a VW dealer to see..." Read More

Gil A.  |  Mountain View, CA

"Jeff, Eric and team are awesome. Can't say enough good things. I'll be a customer for life."

Roger Q.  |  Los Altos, CA

"The best auto repair place I've been to. Totally competent on German cars. 100% trustworthy. 2nd generation ownership."

Aaron B.  |  Castro Valley, CA

"I just wanted to add an update after another experience with Reitmeir's. My Audi finally hit the 90k range and I needed a timing belt service. I had Eric and the team take care of this for me and got the car back after a few days. The next week I had a separate issue with the car, and the team at Reitmeir's isolated the issue, were kind and understanding, and were dedicated to resolving the issue. They fixed the faulty component at an incredibly fair price..." Read More

Joyce H.  |  Palo Alto, CA

"The first time I was here I needed to get some body work done. To my dismay, that is not a service that they provide, but the staff was able to give me a great suggestion. I went to the body shop they recommended and I was really pleased with their quality of service. That is why, when I needed to get some regular maintenance done on my car, I made sure to come back. I think the staff is really dry in personality but you can tell they care about what they do. They work quickly and efficiently..." Read More

Jim Z.  |  Menlo Park, CA

"Another great experience with Reitmeir, they are honest and do top quality work for reasonable prices, for those of us with vintage 911s we are lucky to have them around."

Mike H.  |  Los Altos, CA

"I recently bought an 08 535XI from a non-BMW dealer. A few months in, the car started showing signs of a major problem and within a day was spewing smoke and jerking back and forth. I took the car in the Reitmeir's who spent an hour and a half diagnosing the problem. They researched the vehicle and tied the problem back to a couple of recalls the previous owner had not completed. They wrote up a report and sent me over to BMW to have the work performed..." Read More

Marco M.  |  Los Altos, CA

"Since BMW of Mountain View has disappointed me constantly, I decided to try Reitmeir's garage when my ESP warning light came on. I left the car with them to check what is going on. They called me with the identified issue, gave me a price quote and fixed it right away at the price quoted. Very friendly and professional. Will definitely go there again. Also less expensive than BMW of Mountain."

A P.  |  Palo Alto, CA

"I took my 911 in to replace 4 tires drop shipped from TireRack. (This approach saved me several hundred dollars compared to going through a Porsche dealer). This was my first time at Reitmeir's. I was impressed by their service (I dealt with Eric). I also asked them about the rubber that had come loose on my cabriolet top. They called me back the next morning and said they had ordered in a couple of clips and could try and fix it. I dropped in later in the day and they put on the clips and charged me an absolute token amount..." Read More

Ted R.  |  Redwood City, CA

"I have a pretty old BMW 325 that had a fair amount of 'deferred' maintenance on it. Eric at Reitmer's was incredibly helpful at helping me prioritize what work needed to be done first. He has also been totally transparent with pricing of the various jobs and been consistent when the bill comes in at the end of the day. The shop is very well-run and everyone I have come in contact with has been professional. Lastly, I did my homework on pricing and got quotes from a couple of other shops..." Read More

Peg C.  |  Los Altos, CA

"Yes. Indeed. Five stars. Reitmeir's is "as good as it gets!" Such a refreshing experience for a woman to be treated with respect at an auto repair shop. But this isn't just any auto repair shop - this is Reitmeir's. Jeff and his team are as honest as the day is long. You can rest assured that they will 1. explain what is wrong and then, 2. repair what is necessary - and nothing more. They know exactly what they are doing and they are the epitome of integrity. They do what they promise to do, on time and within the established budget..." Read More

Victor R.  |  Palo Alto, CA

"Reitmeir's has been servicing my German cars for years now. Trusted, efficient, and dependable in the time I've been coming in for various car related issues. As a testament to this, even the Audi dealership in Palo Alto mentioned, "Jeff (Reitmeir) knows what he's doing." At 225,000 plus miles on my Audi, it appears that I might have to replace this well used 1998 A4. In considering all my options pertaining to purchasing a new car, I will be buying German as I know Reitmeir's will be continuing to service my cars."

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